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Lyaxia Family (Greco-Roman ) Ruling family. No one exactly knows how many members of Lyaxia family there are. They live in a somewhat futuristic capital of Titaan that is located in the center of the realm. All the war, peace or major trade declarations have to come through them.

LYAXIA (Greco-Roman )

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Lhander family used to be one of most prominent families of the Nexus. Their capital of Rohull is the last stronghold that remains standing, but because of their reputation as god killers no outsiders really ever venture into their realm.

Lhander (Egyptian)

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Backbone of the Nexus. They are main soldiers and even Lyaxian family has to curry favor with them if they are to be successful. They live in the underwater city of Ylolis that is surrounded by fluorescent waterfalls. Anastos are main armor and weapon makers of the Nexus and have said to even have forged the legendary Sword of Lyaxia.

Anastos (Greek)

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